Sunday, March 18, 2012

Done and dusted!!

Yesterday was the big day.....I lost my locks in aid of Cancer research!

Having your head shaved is an awesome, liberating experience! But you really cant imagine how it feels to have no hair! Its very hot in the sun, and freezing when it cools down. I attracted a lot of stares down the street with my bald hair and my tribe of multi coloured hair children :) I thought I would want to wear a bandana all the time but I dont! I love having a shaved head, and Im lucky I have a nice shaped head.....actually the last time I had it cut the hairdresser said I had a perfect shaped head haha......and I discovered I DO have a birthmark, at the nape of my neck, just like 2 of my nieces ♥

We have managed to raise over $1500, with a few more donations still to come :)

I have to say a very big thank you to everyone who has donated, helped me spread the word, written encouraging and supportive messages and those who showed up and supported me while I shaved, and John from John Davies Photography for taking all the photos for me. I am truly touched and very much appreciate it ♥

Some pics....

And more can be seen here

For all cancer sufferers across the world I wear my bald head with pride with you all ♥
And I hope one day cancer can be eradicated!!

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