Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bit neglected!

Oops! Ok, so Im not the worlds best blogger!
I have been busy tho! 2 large wholesale orders + customs + stock + 5 kids on holidays = CHAOS!! There are nappies everywhere in my workroom! Working on a few "new" ideas....want a peak?? Hmm we'll see :P

I have also been learning to crochet! You tube is a wonderful teacher! And I have to mention my favourite blog Little Birdie Secrets for their gorgeous flower and heart crochet pattern & tutorial. I have also bought a few more patterns from them but havent yet attempted anything more complex than a headband! Hehe! These were the first ones I made, the first flower had an extra petal LOL .....really must remember to count! The headband I later used as an embellishment on a pair of trakkies I made for my daughter!

Must keep blogging....blogging.....blogging.....

Til next time