Sunday, November 27, 2011

I did say I was a bad blogger didnt I?....

Well Im REALLY bad!
Too much stuff going on and not enough time!
Hundreds of nappies have been made and sent off to various parts of Oz since I blogged last! - Another 2 wholesale orders + customs + plus stock!
Lots has been happening. We welcomed a new member to the Envi♥us new baby.....Isnt she beautiful! Works like a charm and has saved me countless hours of changing threads!

On a personal note, I chopped all my hair literally! It is now only about 2 inches long all over :O Took a bit of getting used to but it is so much easier to manage!

Christmas is fast approaching, like less than 1 month!! And no I havent even begun my Christmas shopping, slack I know! We still have one more birthday to get through first. Mr T is turning 7!! this Tuesday, Oh how time flies! Earlier this month little Miss C had her 3rd birthday, and a few weeks before that Mr M had his 5th birthday and started school!! Who told these kids they could grow up??!!

I am not a religious person but I spent this weekend creating "the story of Christmas" nappy. I was one of those flashbulb moments when the idea just came to me and I could picture it exactly how I wanted it too look.....the hard part was finding the embroidery designs that would look right! But I did, and this is the end result....
Im pretty pleased with how it worked out! And the coolest part - the cotton star fabric GLOWS IN THE DARK!! How cool is that!

I had a market on last weekend. The market it self was pretty slow but business was good for me. Sales have been improving each time which is great. I had made up sooo much stock, which meant I had to photograph, edit and upload to my website - which is more exhausting and brain numbing than you probably realise! But it was worth it as 90% of the stock sold the same night. Was hoping to keep at least a few nappies in stock, just so my website isnt bare when newcomers go to have a browse.

I have also been working on a newborn range to fit from 2.5kg-5kg For the little wee ones that can fit straight into a one size nappy.

Im sure there is lots more but as it is now after 2 am and I am starving hungry Id best go feed myself before falling into bed!

Til next time

p.s I will blog more often.... I will honest!!...Well I will try anyways! LOL