Wednesday, March 14, 2012


And I didnt really even do much today! Yesterday tho.....and sat/sun/monday were big big days......another wholesale order is done.....held up by running out of elastic?! How silly of me to not notice!! But it was done in time...Just! And I had to remake 2 nappies as I noticed when I was topstitching that there were small faults in the embroidery! I wouldve had around 20 embroideries stuff up from this one order....Very frustrating!
But its done now so all is good!.
Today I got to play with my new hypercolour fabric that Ive had sitting here for a few weeks.....made a couple of cute fitteds.....LOVE hypercolour fabric! Takes me back to being a kid and my and my sister putting our hypercolour tshirts in the freezer to make them cold and then put them on and watch them change colour ♥
And I got to share the other new product available at Envious....the Ellie bag! A gorgeous little carry all for any princess.... Will be available in nappy/dress/bag sets as well as individually and dress and bag sets for the toilet trained girlies!!

I have also just auctioned off a nappy to help raise money to go towards a family holiday full of memories for a special MPS III-A (also known as Sanfilippo Syndrome) Family....Go here to read more about it.

And I have donated this nappy to The Shavey Bunch Auction...the other group I am shaving my head for to raise money for a Mama of 2 undergoing chemo
We are also going great guns with our Worlds Greatest Shave fundraising.....we have cracked the half way mark with less than 3 days to go!
Have a look!

I also got to babysit my gorgeous lil nephew Rome today ♥ Such a darling!!  Of course I just had to take some pics of him in his new Envi♥us Fluff!

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