Sunday, March 18, 2012

Done and dusted!!

Yesterday was the big day.....I lost my locks in aid of Cancer research!

Having your head shaved is an awesome, liberating experience! But you really cant imagine how it feels to have no hair! Its very hot in the sun, and freezing when it cools down. I attracted a lot of stares down the street with my bald hair and my tribe of multi coloured hair children :) I thought I would want to wear a bandana all the time but I dont! I love having a shaved head, and Im lucky I have a nice shaped head.....actually the last time I had it cut the hairdresser said I had a perfect shaped head haha......and I discovered I DO have a birthmark, at the nape of my neck, just like 2 of my nieces ♥

We have managed to raise over $1500, with a few more donations still to come :)

I have to say a very big thank you to everyone who has donated, helped me spread the word, written encouraging and supportive messages and those who showed up and supported me while I shaved, and John from John Davies Photography for taking all the photos for me. I am truly touched and very much appreciate it ♥

Some pics....

And more can be seen here

For all cancer sufferers across the world I wear my bald head with pride with you all ♥
And I hope one day cancer can be eradicated!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colour much?!

Today my kids kept their part of the deal for the worlds greatest shave....they dyed their hair! I'm so proud of them! The picked their own colors and styles....Rhett went with all green, Dek chose red one side and blue the other. Tanner picked blue and red too but had blue at the bottom and Red on the top. Mav went with red and green - green strip down the middle and red either side and Channing of course had to have pink!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


And I didnt really even do much today! Yesterday tho.....and sat/sun/monday were big big days......another wholesale order is done.....held up by running out of elastic?! How silly of me to not notice!! But it was done in time...Just! And I had to remake 2 nappies as I noticed when I was topstitching that there were small faults in the embroidery! I wouldve had around 20 embroideries stuff up from this one order....Very frustrating!
But its done now so all is good!.
Today I got to play with my new hypercolour fabric that Ive had sitting here for a few weeks.....made a couple of cute fitteds.....LOVE hypercolour fabric! Takes me back to being a kid and my and my sister putting our hypercolour tshirts in the freezer to make them cold and then put them on and watch them change colour ♥
And I got to share the other new product available at Envious....the Ellie bag! A gorgeous little carry all for any princess.... Will be available in nappy/dress/bag sets as well as individually and dress and bag sets for the toilet trained girlies!!

I have also just auctioned off a nappy to help raise money to go towards a family holiday full of memories for a special MPS III-A (also known as Sanfilippo Syndrome) Family....Go here to read more about it.

And I have donated this nappy to The Shavey Bunch Auction...the other group I am shaving my head for to raise money for a Mama of 2 undergoing chemo
We are also going great guns with our Worlds Greatest Shave fundraising.....we have cracked the half way mark with less than 3 days to go!
Have a look!

I also got to babysit my gorgeous lil nephew Rome today ♥ Such a darling!!  Of course I just had to take some pics of him in his new Envi♥us Fluff!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is going to SHAVE....

my HEAD! Completely bald!!
I am taking part in the Worlds Greatest Shave - my whole family is actually, My husband and children are dying their hair.
I am also helping to raise money for a Mama of 2 wee ones who is undergoing chemo, through The Shavey Bunch on Facebook, I will add a link to the page and to anyone who would like to donate you can do so by sending payments to

The link to my WGS page is
Donations can be made on my personal page or my families team page

I am so excited to do this, and hope we can raise lots of money.....I would love to reach our target of $1000 so if you can please donate and sponsor me/us......payments can be made via paypal or credit card (WGS) and you will be emailed a receipt as donations over $5 are tax deductable....or if you are local to me - MT Gambier - you can pay in cash and I can give you a receipt.

A lot of people say say Oh you are so brave, I would never have the guts to shave all my hair off......but I dont think Im brave....Ive always had the outlook -its only hair, it will grow back. And it will! Im lucky - Im healthy, Im not having poisons pumped through my body, making my hair fall out and stopping it from growing back.  I dont have anyone close to me suffering from cancer, I know people who have it but  not close iygwim? But lately it just seems like cancer is everywhere and it is so heartbreaking....Ive read a few blogs of cancer suffers.....Christian Anderson, who sadly lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, and I follow Lil Blue Boo - this lady is amazing! She is also undergoing chemo but her whole outlook on life is just inspiring - Choose Joy...that is her motto.......
And then there are the children just breaks my heart and brings me to tears just thinking about if me shaving my head can raise money to make even 1 persons life a little bit better then how can I not?!
So please, take a moment to think about these people that are suffering and dig deep....and help me help them ♥