Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OSFM Front snap

I have made a few alterations to the front snap osfm.
Now the rise adjusting snaps will only have 2 per row rather than 3 and the tummy panel is slightly elastisized to give a more snug fit and prevent any gaping.
This is also one of the "patchworx" ive been working on. There will be a few of these up for grabs this month!

Tag line competition prize

I keep forgetting to add this! Dark purple and lime stripes with butterfly cotton banding, frills, lace and applique butterflies.
I hope she likes it!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A few more OOAK's ive been working on....

Fun at the park

Ive added these to the website....



Moonlight Fairies

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Custom List

I have quite an extensive custom list atm!

Christie - Not ready to order
Corrine - DONE
Amanda - Layby
Katrina - DONE
Tabitha - DONE
Nicole - DONE
Fionna - DONE
Lisa - No reply
Anne -DONE
Christine  - Waiting on payment
KJ- Layby -DONE
Breezy -Waiting on order
Selvi- No reply
Bethanie- DONE
Telia- Cancelled
Lyn - not ready yet
Sarah - DONE
Michelle - Contacted
Aleisha - Layby
Jess - DONE
Claire - Layby
Anna - Contacted
Elsie - Layby
Teressa - Contacted
Carla - Contacted
Danielle - DONE
Sarah -DONE
Jennielee PASSED
Bridgette -PASSED
Tmeeka -DONE
Amanda -DONE
Michelle- DONE
Simone -PASSED
Christine -DONE
Marina -DONE
Tabitha- PASSED
Cindee- PASSED
Kaitlyn- DONE
Guinevere -DONE
Harmoney- PASSED
Jaymee Vanderheul - STARTED
Stephanie Ismee - DONE
Heidi Keehan -PASSED
Ajaye Hartley- NO CONTACT
Lisa Singh- PASSED
Lauren Ellerby- CONTACTED
Sarah Bray - DONE
Kate Muday-
Kristy Ferguson
Courtney Waldron
Teresa Hobbs
Desiree Bridger
Monique Dawson
Hannah Lynch
Sabrina Johnson
Tanya Caisley
Ramona Hobbs
Sabrina Campbell
Nick mcn
Nicole Vandelden
Mel Anderson
Sam Hill
Renee Hurley
Nicole Morrow
Ynonne Gascoyne
Maarja Valdman
Michelle Clarke
Jackie Franklin
Sharon Ellison
Kylie Twomey
Kristy Twist
Keirra Adlam
Kristie Peebles
Helen Duyster
Telia McKenna
Joanne Symonds
Kate Marston
Dani Francis
Krysta Playford
Kass Cornish
KJ Johns
Sam woodroffe

Tag line comp

I ran a competition on my facebook page this past wee. I wanted a tag line, and so recruited the help of my customers/likers. And boy did they come up with some good ones! It was hard to pick just one, I even needed DH's help and we finally cut it down to one.......Get Green...Get Gorgeous...Get EnVi♥us!! Sounds pretty good hey! The prize is a custom change-up with embroidery....and the lucky winner is Amanda Beard! Will update with pics later when the prize nappy is finished :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Past creations

Here are a few OOAK nappies I have created

Vertical ruffles and beading

3D handmade flowers and beading

Vertical ruffles with beading

Embroidery with beading & 3D butterfly
3D tutu, ribbons and stars
Embroidery & 3D ribbons

Detatchable tutu!!
I decided to bite the bullet and start blogging. Im hoping this will help me keep track of what Im doing and where im at......well I can hope!

For those that dont know, Im the mum behind Envi♥us cloth nappies. I drafted/tested/re-tweaked both my front and side snap patterns til they were the trim, yet absorbent great fitting nappy available today :) Both styles are OSFM (one size fits most) fitting from around 4kg depending on the size and shape of your baby. They are an AI2 design (AI2 = all in 2, meaning there are 2 parts to the nappy - the shell and the absorbent booster) The booster is a lengthwise trifold, that can be folded to give extra absorbency where its needed.

I like to do creative things, something a little outside the square. I like to be different, not just following everyone else :)