Monday, April 30, 2012

Ahh so Im back!......Incase you hadnt noticed I have been on break for the last almost 4 weeks! It has been great, I got to spend time with my beautiful kids whilst they were on holidays without a huge work load hanging over my head!

You may have notice that Envious Cloth Nappies has had a make over! I decided that I was going to come back all new and fresh! Still waiting on my new labels, but i *may* have been a lil busy this last will have to subscribe to our newsletter here for sneak peaks tho!! :P

I have also started production of almost 100 Minkee Print & PUL VIVIDS!! I am thinking about hitting the local markets each month with just these, and maybe a few bags and BBBPants now that the freezing weather has hit! Hopefully the interest is there. Plus it will mean that bulk VIVID packs will be available to purchase straight away :)

Im sure there is more, but it will have to wait.....better get the kids ready for school!! 

Til next time.....when ever that may be!


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